Top 5 Ways on How to Get an Accurate Estimate Before Moving

Planning a residential move is an art which most people have not mastered too well. Not only do you have to schedule the relocation, but you also have to consider factors such as the expenses that you will incur during the process. Above all, you have to pay extra attention to every detail of the move.

In order to plan a successful move, you may have to work with a checklist, a calendar and a budget. In order to create a realistic budget, you may have to estimate the cost of your move. This may be a bit difficult for anyone who is moving for the first time. However, there are some useful tips on how you can avoid any financial hitches during your move.

  1. Choose a Licensed and Insured Mover

One of the ways of ensuring that you do not spend unreasonably during your move is to work with professional movers. It is common knowledge that some movers are in the business to extort their customers. In order to avoid being a victim of such schemes, make sure that the company you choose is not only licensed, but also insured. Reputable moving companies will most likely give you a quote before you hire their services. You can compare quotes from various companies before settling on an affordable one.

  1. Get an On-Site Estimate

Once you settle on one or two affordable movers, you can schedule an on-site inspection. This is the best opportunity for you to get an accurate quotation. When the movers come to your home, they will look at the kind of items you need to move. They will also consider their weight, and the packaging supplies that you may need.

  1. Be Open and Clear

The danger in not disclosing important information to your movers is that they may increase your moving costs during the process. For starters, you should create an inventory of all the items your want moved. When doing so, make sure to note the items that may require special handling or packaging. If there are any obstacles in your home, for instance, the stairs, it is also important to disclose them.

  1. Handle What You Can

Some people hire moving companies, and expect the professionals to handle everything for them. While this may save you time, it may cost you more. You may choose of handle some of the responsibilities so as to minimize on costs. For example, you can decide to pack some of your items before the movers arrive. You may also consider moving some of the things that you can beforehand. Instead of asking the movers to do the unpacking for you, you can also consider doing that yourself.

  1. Seek Any Clarification Before the Move

Before you move, it is also advisable that you clarify anything that you may be unsure of. This will cover you should the movers raise their estimates on no basis.

Planning a move takes time, and it can be costly. However, with these tips, you should be able to get an accurate estimate for your move.


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