What is Hyperparathyroidism? 

Calcium is a necessary element that’s important for the teeth and bones. But if you’ve got too much of it, it causes a lot of issues for the overall health of the body, and your oral health. Hyperparathyroidism is basically a condition that happens when the parathyroid glands aren’t able to be properly balanced, and it creates a big problem. 

Thew glands themselves 

They are basically four glands that are about the size of a grain of rice, and it’s by your neck. They secrete something called parathyroid, but if too much of this is soon released, it can cause the minerals that are required to keep the bones strong to break down, and then, calcium gets released too much into your blood stream

This can lead to osteoporosis, along with fracture sand pain. it also can cause kidney stones and too much urination if there is too much calcium within the blood and is then filtered through your kidneys. 

The endocrine gland disorders are oftentimes way mor prevalent in women than compared to men. They do get weakened bones already, but for guys, if they have parathyroid issues, it causes kidney stones. 

The types of hyperparathyroidism 

This can come in a few stages. 

The first is the primary, which is caused by a complication of your glands, and it ca case it to grow or enlarge, and it ca become an adenoma. 

The secondary version of this is when there is too much of the parathyroid hormone being made, in order to compensate for another problem, causing the calcium levels to drop. Kidney failure causes this, but the treatment usually involves removal of these glands if they can’t get the calcium levels to the proper amount. 

The third is tertiary, which happens after you get a kidney transplant. This is one that happens after there is usually an abnormal functioning, and they try to correct it, and then, a healthy kidney is introduced. 

The treatment of this usually involves the removal of the parathyroid glands if the calcium levels start to get too bad. 

The oral health problems 

For a lot of patients, the disorder is oftentimes found during a blood work routine, or during treatment options for when someone has kidney disease, since the symptoms of this are not seen a lot. 

But there are signs that can be found in the mouth. 

This can sometimes create a brown oral growth, and this can also cause mouth ulcers that are swollen, red, and brown, but they are so rare that if a dentist sees one, it’ll probably be their first. 

However, if you have a brown tumor, always go to the doctor or dentist to make sure it’s not anything else. 

Oral health also may be endangered if there are still issues with calcium. This is because, osteoporosis is one of the side symptoms. 

This causes the jawbone to break down, and cause teeth to loosen, or if you have dentures it can cause your dentures to not fit correctly or be painful. 

Since a lot of older women tend to be more at risk, you should see a dentist regularly if you’ve been through menopause, or if you’re a woman. 

If you’re someone who is worried about their parathyroid problem, you should always stalk to a dentist, or a physician that’ll help with the endocrine problems that are there. they can help you get the help that you need for this. 

If you want to prevent this, always make sure to get a dental, bone, and a kidney exam early to help detect this early so that you can get a better recovery. 

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